Rescue Spotlight: Layla

April 3, 2017 | We Love | Story by Jose Ibarra
Last year I was on a serious search to find a dog so I did why a lot of people would do go to a pet store to find my new friend.

The more I looked at the stores, the more I realized that many of the dogs were sick and just did not look healthy.  So I stopped searching for a while, then my girlfriend showed me an add on Craigslist about some puppies that were found in an abandoned apartment complex. The puppies were left there to die but the wonderful people who found them took them and nursed them back to health. I quickly found the address and the date they were going to have a meet up for the puppies. Both my girlfriend and I went. It has been an adventure!

“It has been an adventure!”

I would not change anything about her! She had a rough beginning to life and I plan to give her a great life for the rest of hers or mine. We plan to make lots of trips with her to see the world and visit every park that we are allowed to go to in the US.


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