Ranger The Red Heeler-A Personal Story

January 23, 2017 | We Love | Story by Kurt RBA
Third cage on the right. That’s where I met my best buddy. He was in the far back of the cage, shaking in fear, & to be flat out honest he looked ugly as sin. Hair patches missing, eyes coated over & blood shot, underweight. Basically a rabid Coyote.

Apparently, that was exactly what I was looking for! I visited him every day for a month while he got in good enough shape to go home. He took his time approving of me, but before I knew it, we were best friends before I even signed the dotted line.

I took him home, he jumped right in the shotgun seat and just stared out the window with a smile on his face. I remember saying “well, looks like it’s you & me now” and he sneezed immediately after and got snot on my dashboard. I tell myself that meant he was excited rather than what it probably meant at the time.

“I tell myself that meant he was excited rather than what it probably meant at the time.”

My wife always tells me that I was not the same man after I got Ranger. I began to not just enjoy the outdoors, but really just hate being inside. We would hike, fish (which bores him after a few casts), camp, and see what kinda mud we could get on our boots/paws on a daily basis. I am not the same man anymore and I believe it’s for the better. All because of the third cage on the right.

Kurt and Ranger

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