Hawaii Humane Society Offers Shelter Dog Field Trips for Tourists

August 17, 2022 | We Care | Story by Jennifer Hardy

Have you ever been on vacation and thought “I miss my dog?” It’s hard to part from our four-legged friends, even when visiting the Hawaiian Islands. The legwork, paperwork, and risks detailed in the Animal Welfare Act make taking your pet to Hawaii impractical. Pet lovers worry no more – you have an opportunity to spread your dog love from the mainland to the islands.

Field Trips & Beach Day for Shelter Pets

Several shelters in Hawaii offer the chance for tourists to take a shelter dog for the best day of their lives. These animals spend much of their pre-adoption lives in a kennel, so this chance to get outside is a dream come true for them.

The programs at the Hawaii Island Humane Society, Maui Humane Society, and Kauai Humane Society all vary slightly but have the same basic steps.

  1. Reserve Your Spot: Reservations can be booked up two to three months ahead of time, so book early.
  2. Shelter Safety Tour: Arrive at the Humane Society for an overview of the safety rules for the field trip. 
  3. Pack up the Dog: The Humane Society will give you everything you need for the day, including a backpack and collar to “show off” that the dog is available for adoption during your field trip
  4. Return Dog: You’ll return the dog at the end of the day, generally by 5 pm.

Several shelters in Hawaii offer the chance for tourists to take a shelter dog for the best day of their lives.

How Much Does a Hawaii Field Trip with a Shelter Dog Cost? 

Each Humane Society charges a different fee, ranging from $25 to $50. That covers all the dog’s needs for the day, and proceeds go back to the field trip program. Dogs cannot stay overnight. That adds up to one of the least expensive and most heartwarming things to do in Hawaii. 

What if I Fall in Love with My Shelter Dog?

All three Humane Societies have adoption specialists ready to help facilitate an adoption back to the mainland. 

Even if you can’t adopt, each Human Society offers donation wish lists and merchandise to help the program and the shelter.

Photo by Keszthelyi Timi on Unsplash

Would you love to “borrow” a dog on vacation? Check out this video! 

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