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It is a pet owners’ worst nightmare: their beloved dog is diagnosed with a difficult and expensive medical condition, and they do not have the financial resources to afford his care.


Until recently, the available options were both limited and terrible.  Families were forced to either give their dog up to a shelter or rescue with the hopes of finding someone who could pay for treatment.  Or they were forced or make the impossible choice of economical euthanasia.  

In both cases, families are torn apart.

Each year, nearly a half a million dogs and cats in the United States are euthanized because their owners can’t afford medical treatment. 

Thankfully, there is a new organization working hard to change that statistic.


Waggle is a revolutionary tool created for the purpose of matching donors to animals who desperately need help.  And they are delivering on their promise!  

Dr. Rob Olson, DMV, of Pieper Veterinary Hospital in Connecticut, describes the situation… and the need for Waggle.  “As veterinarians, we have long witnessed the sad reality that financial restraints often result in pain and suffering, and even unnecessary euthanasia of the pets we treat,” he says. “Waggle offers an innovative solution by connecting animals and pet parents in need with life-saving resources.”

Each year, nearly a half a million dogs and cats in the United States are euthanized because their owners can’t afford medical treatment.

Waggle is a transparent, crowdfunding model that is working to create the world’s first safety net for dogs and cats.  And their process is simple!

Families with a pet facing a medical condition they can not afford build a free profile on www.waggle.org.  The profile includes a description of their pet’s condition and cost of treatment, verified by their veterinarian.  Profiles include pictures and details about each pet.  Donors can then give directly to an animal of their choice, or they can set up monthly, recurring donations that are matched by grants.  Most significantly, 100% of donated funds go directly to medical care – in many cases, saving these animals’ lives.


Waggle’s board consists of top pet-industry minds and veterinarians.  They partner with celebrities, social influencers, and nonprofits nationwide to cast the widest possible net for donors and philanthropists. These partners often contribute directly to animals in need, giving them the emergency care necessary to save their lives.  The best part?  Animals stay in the safe and familiar arms of their family members the whole time!

Waggle is committed to eradicating economic euthanasia and they are having unprecedented success… by saving one beloved pet at a time. 

dogs with high medical bills are all to often euthanized

Photo by Ryan Walton on Unsplash

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Would you consider donating to Waggle?  Connect with us and let us know how you help animals in need!

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