Dogs and Their Place Inside the Home

July 23, 2016 | We Love | Story by Siam S
Like humans, domestic dogs are social creatures and are not meant for outdoor living. Except for some very few breeds that can live successfully in cold weather, the majority of North American dogs are indoor dogs, due to cultural norms and climate.

The North American climate is generally too harsh for an outside dog. Dogs love to walk, exercise, and run outdoors across seasons, but leaving a dog outdoors can create safety issues.

Besides extreme weather, there are many other reasons why a dog should not be kept outside for extended periods of time. Dogs, like humans, can get scared, get into fights, and there is always a risk that other humans may harm them. Keeping a dog chained outside is cruel and confines them to a lonely life, which can create frustration, health problems, and behavioral problems. Almost all canine species (wolves, foxes, hyenas) live, sleep, and play in packs; domestic dogs are no different. Dogs are protectors, but they also look for comfort and safety from their humans.

When a dog is adopted it has only us.

The days when dogs were considered to only be guard dogs and left outside have come to an end. Today, we have a far better understanding of these intelligent animals and now consider them to be part of our family. Many pet owners not only allow their dogs inside the home but also let them sleep in their beds, take them on vacation, drive them in their car, and spend an enormous amount of money to make sure the dog is comfortable and content. Human understanding has changed towards dogs, and we now lavish extraordinary care on our dogs.

“Human understanding has changed towards dogs, and they now lavish extraordinary care for their dogs.”

What are the benefits to keeping a dog indoors? There is no question that when dogs spend time inside a home there are benefits for both humans and dogs that include the following:

-They make excellent companions; when you want to talk or even just give a hug.

– You can tell them any secret and the dog will never reveal it.

– When you are ill, the dog will likely be the first one to notice and come sit by your side.

– Because of their protective instinct, the dog will alert you if anyone breaks in or approaches your backyard.

– They love to cuddle.

– Studies show that people who have dogs are much healthier than those who do not.

– Lastly, you will never have food going to waste- a dog will always get rid of any scraps.

There is no absolute rule that a dog has to be inside or outside, so long as there are no legal signs of abuse or neglect. In general, dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years and are sociable creatures; they yearn for companionship and are loyal partners. You can rest assured a dog will never leave you. Just like humans, dogs form stronger bonds when they are in close proximity to their owner. They do not hold grudges, bitterness, or anger. The just want shelter and food and in return their love is undying.

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