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We Recall
March 17, 2017 | We Recall | Story by Tara Renner

My Besenji: The Dog Who Was A Cat

I’ve never lived without a dog, usually with multiples of dogs. Living in a home without a dog is a state of existence I couldn’t really even contemplate. When I finally (more or less) entered adulthood, and became engaged to my fiancée, we made the decision to continue living with our parents for a while. This was not because we were old fashioned, but cheap. We would stockpile some cash until we could afford to move out. I couldn’t wait to pick out our first dog together. Continue Reading >

September 20, 2016 | We Recall | Story by Marie Aymard

Old Dog, New Tricks

There is no easy way to accept the fact that dogs’ lives are never long enough. When the aging process begins to become more evident, it can be a heartbreaking transition, or it can be one of the most inspiration processes you have with your dog. Continue Reading >

September 5, 2016 | We Recall | Story by Marshall Weston

The Dog That Rescued Me

Being 55 plus years old now, and looking reflectively back at my life, I cannot remember a time where I was dog-less. I have always been dog-more, not less. I have my reasons for always having at minimum one dog panting nearby, deep seated, in the blood and marrow, reasons. You see, I would not be here today if it wasn’t for a black as coal lab mix named, Phoenix. Continue Reading >

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