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May 17, 2017 | We Love | Story by Tara Renner

The Good Dog; A Personal Story

In 2009, I was working for the state parks (still do). One of the perks of my job is that being centrally located, I am able to travel the state weekly and visit many beautiful state properties. One of the downsides, I soon learned, is that cruel people occasionally dump pets in those parks. Continue Reading >

March 17, 2017 | We Recall | Story by Tara Renner

My Besenji: The Dog Who Was A Cat

I’ve never lived without a dog, usually with multiples of dogs. Living in a home without a dog is a state of existence I couldn’t really even contemplate. When I finally (more or less) entered adulthood, and became engaged to my fiancée, we made the decision to continue living with our parents for a while. This was not because we were old fashioned, but cheap. We would stockpile some cash until we could afford to move out. I couldn’t wait to pick out our first dog together. Continue Reading >

December 9, 2016 | We Learn | Story by Tara Renner

When Rescue Goes Wrong

You’ve probably heard of hoarding. Maybe you’ve seen a news report, or your neighbor’s mother-in-law has a problem. Someone whose house is impassable, a fire hazard. He or she is a collector of things that would be considered mostly junk to the rest of us, but for some deeply, psychologically inexplicable reason, these things are precious and necessary treasures to that individual. The collection piles up and up, until only narrow passageways are navigable, or not even that. The authorities are called. Television shows are filmed, and we gaze in horror and amazement. Continue Reading >

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