A Dog’s Purpose

November 21, 2016 | We Love | Story by Zoraida Pastor
What is the duty of a dog? They are not born from us. They are removed from their mothers and siblings after a few weeks from birth and chosen to accompany us in this journey called life. As puppies they enter our homes, making sloppy messes, soiling the carpet, and chewing our favorite slippers. Yet, they warm our hearts with their cold, wet noses.

I can’t imagine not coming home seeing Leyla caught napping the day away. She gazes at me with her happy, sleepy eyes. She is never angry that I was gone; she doesn’t yell at me for not spending time with her. She is only happy to see me. Her tail wags, and she swooshes her canine body in joy: happy that I am home, and grateful to be taken for a walk.

I have seen recent videos of unbelievable dog abuse. I am heartbroken at the audacious, inhumane cruelty displayed to people’s best friend.

One such video made the news in Los Angeles. It showed a Pit Bull mix thrown off a cliff by her alleged owner. The man was caught on camera and seen by a neighbor. This kind Samaritan watched and videotaped the whole incident. Quickly, he rescued the Pit Bull who miraculously was stuck to a bush. Even more miraculously, she was unscathed. This after falling approximately 15-20 feet. The owner returned to the scene of the crime. He is being searched for by police.

“The owner returned to the scene of the crime. He is being searched for by police. “

Another innocent dog was subjected to unfathomable cruelty. This puppy had his leg amputated by a homeless man. He was thrown into a river and left to die. He spent two days in the river: cold, severely injured, and hungry. Another good Samaritan rescued him. He received emergency medical treatment and physical therapy. He was later fostered and adopted. Through it all, he never lost hope and recovered fully, despite losing a hind leg.

More and more videos are on the internet and social media sites denouncing and reporting abusers. I still ask myself, “Why?” A recent documentary showed current research conducted on dogs. One element of the study was to determine whose company dogs prefer: their humans or other dogs. The answer is humans. Yet, I still ask myself, why abuse them when they prefer to be with you. Why abuse an innocent dog when you, the owner, decided to bring the dog to live with you?

Always remember, a dog’s purpose is love: love and be loved.

Photo credit: Gatorgoon via Foter.com / CC BY-ND

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