5 Tips To Reduce Your Dog’s Anxiety Or Stress

September 26, 2016 | We Learn, We Care | Tips from Richard Bryant
Our little furry pets are often our best friends. Seeing them in distress can be painful and, even worse, it can happen to even the most fearless and calm dogs. Whether it’s that anxious car ride, the trembling of thunder or even the …. dare I say it … vacuum, phobias in dogs are very real.

All dogs have triggers, whether we like it or not. Despite common belief that owners cause dogs to have phobias, noise phobias tend to be common in dogs and has nothing to do with the actions of the owner at all. There is hope though, dog owners! Your best friend can be calmed of their anxiety and stress with these helpful, therapeutic tips.

Remove All Static Electricity From The Air. When storms roll in, you may notice your best friend shaking for his life. It’s not uncommon for most dogs to exhibit some form of anxiety prior to a storm hitting. Static electricity buildup begins to happen during the formation of an incoming storm. While, as humans, we may not feel or be triggered by this static buildup, dogs are much more perceptive and feel it throughout their entire body.

Studies have shown that this is the reason most dogs will head for the closet or under the bed during the start of a storm. In order to reduce his anxiety, take an unscented dryer sheet and wipe his entire body down with it. Just like clothes in the dryer, the dryer sheet will remove any static electricity from your furry friend and can tremendously reduce the levels of stress he feels during the storm.

Relaxing Pheromones. Ever wonder why puppies are so calm when they are nursing from their mom? Inside the milk that nourishes the pups are these little pheromones that help with reducing stress and causes them to lay down. Don’t go running to the nearest nursing doggy though to try to get this milk: Synthetic versions of this pheromone will help ease your dog and reduce stress without having to nurse them all over again.

“Synthetic versions of this pheromone will help ease your dog and reduce stress.”

Take Your Pup to the Trainer. Now this might sound like a d’oh moment for many, but it is often overlooked. Most pet owners bring their dogs to a trainer when they are exhibiting poor behavior but forget that trainers deal with an assortment of behavioral issues (including stress and anxiety). It’s not uncommon for certain breeds to be abnormally anxious in comparison to others. Trainers realize this and most are equipped with training that will help ease your dog’s anxiety and make life a little less stressful for the both of you.

Thundershirt. Next time you’re in your local pet store, look for a Thundershirt. These compressed jackets keep your pet in a warm embrace, keeping their anxiety down. These jackets help reduce 75% to 85% of all anxiety in pets, giving them peace of mind.

Anxious dog via Pixaby

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