4 Ways to Change A Pet’s Life For The Better

January 24 is National Change a Pet’s Life Day!  This annual holiday was created to raise awareness about animals in need and encourage people to adopt pets from shelters.

On this day, we are challenged to:

  1. Adopt or foster a dog in need.
  2. Volunteer or donate to help shelter dogs.
  3. Raise awareness and spread the word about homeless dogs in need.

If you are ready to open your home and rescue a dog, now is the time!  Many shelters and adoption agencies have reduced their fees to encourage people to change a homeless pet’s life.  

But not everyone who cares and wants to be involved can go out and rescue a dog on January 24th!

If you already have a dog in your life that you love, you’ve already taken a critical step in enriching a dog’s life. But of course, every relationship can grow and evolve… even the one you share with your pet.

Every relationship can grow and evolve… even the one you share with your pet.

Here are a few ways to enhance your connection with your dog to change his life for the better:

  1. HEALTH CARE: Making sure your dog is cared for by a reputable veterinarian goes a long way in the goal to help your dog live his best life.  Making sure your dog is spayed or neutered, stays up to date on vaccines and routine visits, receives routine flea and tick and heartworm prevention will help your dog live a long and healthy life.
  2. CHOOSE HEALTHY FOOD: You can change your pet’s life by making sure he has a healthy diet!  But there are a million types of dog food on the market today, and many contradictory or confusing information about the best food to feed your four-legged friend.  Confer with your veterinarian about what food would be best for his overall and long-term health.
  3. EXERCISE:  Both you and your dog reap obvious physical benefits from regular, daily exercise.  Taking your dog to a dog park, engaging in a lively game of fetch (or keep away), taking long walks, or going on dog-friendly hikes goes a long way in making sure your dog is happy, healthy, and mentally stimulated.
  4. LOVE: Your dog may enjoy toys and treats and soft dog beds, but they truly flourish when you spend quality time with your dog.  Belly rubs, scratches between the ears, cuddles, and a good game of tug… those are the things that really change a pet’s life.  Just committing to spending more quality time with your dog will enhance his life… and yours.

If you are like us, just having a dog in your life has changed your life for the better.  Dogs give us unconditional love, loyalty, true friendship, and joy.  They get us off our devices, outside of ourselves, and into the world.  Choose to celebrate your relationship with your dog on this National Change a Pet’s Life Day… and every day going forward!

love your dog on national change a pet's life day

Photo by Doloresz Dombi on Unsplash

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How will you celebrate your dog on this National Change A Pet’s Life Day?

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