4 Tips For Leash Training Stubborn Dogs

Many dog owners train their dogs to be on a leash. The main thing is safe control of the dog, so pet owners can go for walks. It also helps to make traveling easier. However, every now and then, a pet owner runs into a stubborn dog that does not want any part of a leash.

This can be frustrating, but it can be corrected doing a few different tricks that will help your stubborn dog learn that a leash is its friend:

Relax. The first thing to do if you have a dog that will not move when a leash is attached to a dog collar is to simply relax. Some dogs are going to freak out and pull back – simply talk to them in a calm voice and let them know everything is going to be okay. Worst case scenario – use treats for motivation!

Kneel. The next thing you can do when you are working on training a stubborn dog on a leash is by kneeling down next to them. Sometimes, dogs just need some assurance. You can simply sit on the ground or kneel down and pet them for a few minutes, then stand back up with a treat in your hand and take a step back. You may need to go one step at a time for a while in order to get your dog to gain some confidence.

Harness. Try using a harness that goes over the upper body of your dog. This is generally a last resort item, but some pet owners prefer to do this. It eliminates a dog collar around your dog’s neck, which can take away some of the panic. Generally, leash training will end up working, but it is going to take time.

Last Resort. For the dogs that simply are not going to move, you need to stand right next to them and when they take a step you move along with them. A recent pet rescue volunteer had a tiny Chihuahua that would not move at all. She just froze and would put her tail between her legs. The volunteer used time, patience, and tiny treats to get this little Chihuahua to finally start to walk. This didn’t happen overnight; it took about two months of daily training to get the Chihuahua to finally start to walk.  Now she is a happy little dog that loves her leash and walks.

“Now she is a happy little dog that loves her leash and walks.”

The main thing to do when it comes to training a dog on a leash is take the necessary time. Even the wildest, most unruly dogs will be able to master this skill. Even if you think you will never be able to get your dog to walk, just try doing five minutes sessions every day with your leash. Eventually, it will become part of the routine and your dog will start to relax and look forward to getting outside on new territory.


What was your leash training like? Share a comment!

Photo credit Dalboz17 via Decorators Guru CC BY-NC-ND

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